The White Hot Truth about spirituality

It’s interesting how a book affects you.  Upon opening the first page of Danielle LaPorte’s White Hot Truth, I couldn’t get into it.  I couldn’t relate to her experiences with bad spiritual teachers.  I guess I’ve been very lucky in my spiritual journey to have met great teachers.

It wasn’t until I randomly read different chapters, that I found the gems that were written for me.  So if at first, this book doesn’t speak to you, close it and open it to a random chapter, you might find what you needed all along.

We are all on different paths in this journey and there are many less-than-authentic teachers.  The main wisdom that comes from this book: listen to yourself, to that inner voice that tells you this is the path for you.

Here are a few other gems that spoke to me…


1. Approval is a distraction

Working for approval takes up a lot of energy and it can be a huge distraction from seeing the gifts that you already hold in your hands.  I’m learning this myself in writing my own book.  I worry about how it will be perceived.  Most artists understand this concept far better than the average person.  You must trust that what you are doing with great intention will be right.  Doing something for the approval of others is a waste of time and energy.


2. Nothing changes without you

Whether you are visiting a healer, doctor, tarot card reader, you are the one in control, doing the work, understanding the energy, living your life.  Those light workers are only holding the space for you to do the work, they don’t do the work for you.  And if you run into any who say they can heal you – run the other way.

You made the choices before you landed on this planet, you are in the driver’s seat.


3. Forgive yourself

As Danielle says in her book self-forgiveness is a phenomenal freedom and all Love flows from there.  It is our ultimate responsibility to others.  Because when you forgive yourself, everyone implicated in the painful situation is liberated in one way or another.


4. Be spiritually admirable

Wanting to be spiritually admired is very different from being spiritually admirable.  You are the only one who can validate your spiritual integrity.  If we’re always looking to see how ‘spiritual’ others think we are, we will never tap the depths of our authentic selves.  Their perceived opinions of us will be the greatest distraction from hearing and feeling our Truth.  The desire to evolve must come from internal inspiration, not external motivation.   I think this relates to old souls. Seems like Danielle meet many young and “middle aged” souls more concerned about power than true teaching.  Find teachers, healers, etc. that have a true motivation. That are spiritually admirable not spiritually admired.  You will never go wrong with this type of light worker.


5. No questioning equals no growth

Questioning your teachers is not a betrayal of them.  I learned this early in my spiritual path from my Tibetan Buddhist Teacher.  And I have followed that same philosophy throughout my spiritual quest.  If a teacher doesn’t appreciate your questions, I believe he is not a true teacher.  And a true teacher will never give you the real answers to your questions; he/she will help you find your own answers.  They are in your life to support you and hold space for you. Giving you answers will control your path, and a great teacher would never do such a thing.

Danielle believes there is a problem with acceptance of wholesale beliefs from any worldview. Your curiosity is the bloodstream of your own spirituality.  Curiosity carries nourishment to your Faith-the heart of your spirit.  The more curious you are about how life works, the more present you will be in your life.


6. It takes courage to change your beliefs

Beliefs are so intertwined with the people around us. We see the world not as it is, but as we are. Education, environment, family, friends and a myriad of other shit developed those belief systems.  It is not easy to change those beliefs, they keep us warm and safe.  But if we are to grow as Spiritual Beings it is necessary.

It is your responsibility as a person as a human being-to constantly be updating your position on as many things as possible and if you don’t contradict yourself on a regular basis, then you are not thinking.

So do your beliefs need an overhaul?  Are they your problem?  Danielle has a few questions to help you.

  • Do your beliefs take your personal power into account?
  • Do your beliefs fuel your freedom?
  • Do you believe in yourself?


7. Take what you want and leave the rest

Nobody knows better than you what’s right for you. NOBODY.  You can get advice, consults, ideas. Take in all the information from all the experts for your consideration.  But you are the centric force that must filter, interpret and give meaning to that data.  Your body knows, your heart knows, and your mind will help you act on what you know. And I would add, a great teacher, healer, or guru is there is hold space for you to do the work, they don’t do the healing you do.

Danielle’s guiding philosophy about any philosophy mirrors the wisdom of my great teachers. There is no one ideology or teacher that is 100% correct.  Their knowledge comes from their path.  You are on your path, take their advice, but listen to your soul.


A final thought…

This book is for both light workers or anyone on a spiritual path. Her checklists help you navigate this very strange, world where non-lightworkers can become yoga teachers in a weekend.  A world where there are so many options, but only a few you should really consider.  It gives clarity and sound advice from one who has taken many paths.  This book may not be for everyone, but everyone should read it.  And like Danielle says “take what you want and leave the rest”.

I received a pre-release copy of this book as part of the launch team, but reviews are my own. Get your copy on May 16th.