Looking for a unique way to improve your relationships?  The Heart Chakra (Anahata) is our energy point of love and compassion. Located physically just behind the heart area, this chakra can be incredibly powerful when used as a focus for meditation.

By using the heart as a focus, we blossom our awareness to not only personal and physical forms of love but Universal love and the acceptance of the true self. The Heart Chakra embraces all facets of love, and anyone can benefit from exploring this energy center.

I learned this meditation technique from a friend Linda Painter, in a book group about bring love into your life.  It is great for growing relationships and trust, whether at a retreat or between friends. But it takes a sincere effort to start. Ensure that all parties are open to the idea, and the physical contact.

Enjoy this brief Heart focus meditation to nurture more self-acceptance, love, and compassion into your relationships.

Let’s Begin…

  1. Face each other, look into each other’s eyes, put your right hand on the other person’s heart and take your left hand and cover their hand on your heart.
  2. Now, imagine you are a point in the center of your head. Imagine a rod running from the third eye area, horizontal, to the back of the head and another rod running from ear to ear. Where these two lines cross,  that point is the center of your head.
  3. Imagine a tiny image of yourself in your head, Now imagine a tiny elevator.
  4. Go into the elevator. Take the elevator down through the center of your head. Down past your nose, past your mouth, your chin, down, down, down. Down to the bottom of your neck, where your tneck and shoulders meet.
  5. Imagine there is a shiny metal funnel with the tip going into your heart.
  6. Step out of the elevator into a ball and roll into the biggest part of the funnel.
  7. Like the ball in a roulette wheel, go round and round the perimeter of the funnel. Faster and faster as you approach the spout of the funnel.
  8. Then go down the spout and notice a plunk or connection when you reach your heart.
  9. You might want to do this exercise two or three times to really strengthen the sensation of being in the heart.
  10. From here you can express the intention of sharing the energy with each other. Hands on hearts, looking into your partner’s eyes.
  11. Feel the energy flow. After a while, you might want to close the eyes and focus on the energy flow.

Enjoy and share with anyone and everyone.