We all say we don’t have time for meditation, especially at work.  Well, I call bull$hit.

Do you go to meetings?  Turn that walk to the board room into a meditation.  You will arrive rejuvenated, and ready to get to work.

Walking meditation is one of the easiest to do but it still requires a bit of a technique so the goal for the first time go slower than your usual gait.

Just walk slower than you normally do and the next time walk a little slower and the next time slower.  Until  you get to a point where you doing a true walking meditation

  • You can do this anywhere.
  • on your way from your parked car into your office
  • on your way to a meeting
  • on your way to the bathroom

so you have a 10 o’clock meeting. Leave your desk a 9:45 and do a slow walking meditation to your meeting. You will end up being very relaxed by the time you get there and be focused.   Don’t worry about somebody seeing you walking slower they might not even realize it.  You don’t have to do a super slow walk just do a mindful walk.


How to: Walking Meditation

It’s pretty simple. You concentrate on the various parts of your foot touching the ground or the floor or whatever it is you walking on.

You start with your right foot. Put it in front of you with your heal touching the ground first

Notice the tension; how the floor feels as your heel touches the ground, then notice the middle part of your foot touching the ground and then finally the ball of your foot and your toes.
Initially this will feel different when you have a pair of shoes on.  So do it a couple times at home in your living room in bare feet.  Understand how the sensation feels when your foot is touching your hardwood or your carpet.    It is harder to complete a walking meditation with shoes, but not impossible. You really need more focus, but its the same concept. You won’t have slightly the same feeling wearing a pair of shoes but you can still be mindful about your connection to the ground and that’s what walking meditation is really all about.

Let me know how it goes

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